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Nearly 65% of reps’ time is spent in non revenue-generating activities, leaving only 35% for functions related to selling.

What can your AI Assistant do for you?

Once you’ve set up Growspell AI Assistant, it will be able to handle these common scenarios.

Automated Follow Ups

AI assistant automatically follow-up as per the defined sequence for unresponsive prospects, taking care about the stage of the lead.

Data Enrichment

AI assistant process every detail available in conversation and enrich the lead with sensible and actionable information.

Spam Filteration

AI Assistant uses Machine Learning Model for Mails' Classification and detects if mail is spam or machine generated.

Out of Office detection

AI Assistant detects out of office mails and enrich the lead with re-engagement information and update next follow-up.

Deal Intelligence
Get more revenue from your qualified leads

access detailed insight and full visibility on your qualified leads using Growspell Deal Intelligence.

Sentiment Analysis

Deal intelligence classify your leads with positive, negative OR neutral sentiment, help you to focus only on potential sales.

Intent Identification

Deal Intelligence reveals insight about the exact intent of prospect, whether it’s looking for a meeting, details, product demo, etc.

Entities detection

Using the named Entities recognition, Deal Intelligence helps you to focus only on the relevant information.

Recommended Response

Deal intelligence uses Advance Machine Learning to suggest you the Recommended response for an ongoing conversation.

Workflow Integration
Automate your lead conversion workflow

Setup your custom workflow with Growspell and enable automated actions for the same.

Lead Segmentation

It filters the leads based on your preferences to prioritize the focus of the sales team. Irrelevant leads are segmented separately.

Lead Qualification

Leads are qualified based on multiple criteria and into multiple classifications that helps the teams to prioritize and scale everything.

Automated Response

For every possible classification of a lead, automated response can be set for the exceptional customer experience.

Handover to Team

Using workflow Integration multiple events for the teams’ handover can be set based on the different classification of leads.

Convert more qualified leads into meetings

Powered by advanced Machine Learning Growspell Scheduler book meetings for you like a Spell.

Meeting Opportunities

Based on Sentiment, Intent, Emotion, and Entities - Scheduler identify the Opportunities to setup a Meeting.

Calendar Integration

Scheduler integrates with your teams’ Google calendar to check available slots and proposes only those slots for Meetings.

Meeting Setup

Scheduler propose your teams’ available slots for Meeting. On confirmation, it setup a Meeting and mark calendar for the same.

Seamless Hand-offs

AI understands when it needs to involve your team for further conversation ensuring the seamless customer experience.

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