Reach Your Potential Customers

Use Growspell to automate your outbound sales and make your process more streamlined.

Use data to close more deals at Growspell

A lead generation workflow optimized to help you to acquire qualify leads at scale instantly.

Select your target audience

Set Filters as per your priorities and get the details of all decision makers from your targeted comapnies.

Setup a Campaign

Outreach your potential customers by setting up a campaign with your targeted prospects within minutes.

Smart Optimization

Experience the capabilities of AI and Advance Machine Learning to make informed decisions and optimizations.


Select your Target Audience

Filter your potential buyers and ensure that all decision makers are covered before reaching out.

  • 30+ Data points to make informed decisions
  • Data for companies and decision makers

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Easy prospecting

Ability to target specific companies using multiple filters like industry, size, location, keywords, etc and get highly relevant prospects.

Cover all Decision Makers

Reach to right Decision makers. Search using Job title, position, seniority, function, keywords, etc and get all contact details.

Set Customization

You’ve the power to choose and limit the finalized companies and decision makers so that you’ve to pay only for what you need.

Use your custom Prospects

You also have the ability to add your custom and existing prospects list and you can outreach them directly without paying anything for these prospects.

Validate & Verify Prospects

Whether it's a prospect which you’ve filtered or a prospect from your custom list, you’ve all the power to validate and verify the prospects before reaching out.


Setup your Campaign

Setup a campaign, set your priorities and outreach your potential customers automatically at scale.

  • Mails delivered based on prospect's timezone
  • 99%+ mails directly lands into prospect's inbox

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Personalize your emails

We give you detailed information about prospects so that you can make informed decisions and easily personalize your emails before outreach.

Automatic follow-ups

Schedule your follow-ups. We will send them automatically to your prospects. All follow-ups will be scheduled based on your prospects timezone.

Custom sequences

To control the communication flow before an email is answered by a prospect, you can set desired communication using Sequence.

Hot Deals detection

Based on multiple lead qualification criteria we add different tags with your leads so that you never missed out on any important lead.

Spam Detection

Your prospects’ every response is analyzed by advanced Machine Learning Models so that you need not to deal with spam.


Optimize your results

Get the decision making insights and recommendations based on advanced ML to help you to close more sales.

  • Focused Insights using advanced Machine Learning
  • Setup Meetings using AI Assistant

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A/B Testing

To figure out what really works for you, you can simply do multiple experiments with your email templates variants, sending time, etc.

Workflow Integration

To reduce your teams’ efforts you can set workflows and integrate automated responses for every possible lead classification.

Prospect Recommendation

Based on the learnings from your ongoing campaign system will suggest you a recommended list of prospects with highest sales probability.

Decision making Insights

Based on campaign analysis the system will give you insights for further campaign optimization and to make informed decisions.

Out of Office Detection

Out of Office mails are detected and re-scheduled automatically as per the information available in mail response.


What can Growspell do for me?

Growspell can help you generate a strong sales pipeline, all the while taking care of all the repetitive and mundane tasks required for generating leads.

Can I use multiple accounts to reach out?

Yes you can use any number of email accounts for multiple sales reps. You can use multiple accounts with either different campaigns or even with a single campaign. Growspell will automatically distribute the prospects for each account.

Can I integrate Growspell with my existing CRM?

Growspell integrates with all the major CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Freshsales & Pipedrive and also our technical team will support you with any other integrations you might have.

What filters do you use for prospecting?

At account level, filters like Geography, Sector, Company headcount, Technologies used, Revenue etc. are available and at prospect level, filtration can be done based on Job title, Seniority & department.

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Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

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Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.