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Growspell is an online B2B Sales Intelligence Platform that helps you at every stage of your sales funnel.

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Who we are ?

At Growspell, we help businesses build a very strong sales pipeline from existing & new potential markets so that your sales team can focus on converting them and hitting revenue targets. Growspell can free up a lot of brainpower, time & cost. We take care of all the repetitive and mundane tasks that your sales reps have to do to generate leads.

Meet the Team

Ravi Rashmi
CEO, Founder
Sagar Agrawal
Founder & COO
Abhishek Jhinjha
Head of Data Analytics
Mukul Sharma
Head of Engineering
Pradeep Soni
Head of Product
Work Process

How do we work?

Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.


Filter your target buyers using industry, place, scale, position, seniority and many other filters.


Set up your campaign with a highly tailored sequence that takes care of follow-up cycles and manages automated response.


Using Growspell critical insights, we will help you close your qualified leads on time.

Culture at Growspell

Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.


Innovation is the leading driver of business growth. Partnering with Growspell can accelerate your innovation agenda so you can thrive in a world defined by disruption and fueled by transformative technology.


This is a fun culture where team members don’t take themselves too seriously. The office is probably boisterous with regular social events, and employees interact with each other frequently.


Transparency is motivational. We at Growspell think, communicating openly and honestly allows employees to understand the bigger picture and how their individual efforts contribute to and align with the company's goals and objectives.


Acting with respect and integrity is one of our core values. Treating someone with respect means behaving towards them in a way that shows you understand their worth, dignity and uniqueness.


Growspell’s culture operates outside of the typical office structure. Employees are often working together and there’s an emphasis on brainstorming, feedback and innovation. Processes are more casual, but team projects are still results-oriented.


We at Growspell are open in terms of sharing information so employees know what's going on, and crucially, feel heard. We share and ask about the expectations so that we all can be on same page.

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