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Growspell is an online B2B Sales Intelligence Platform that helps you at each stage of your sales funnel.

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Growspell Shortens your sales cycles and ensures that each stage of your sales process itself is efficient.


Set Filters as per your priorities and let the Growspell get you the details of your targeted prospects instantly.

Lead Generation

Personalized your email and setup a campaign with your targeted prospects and experience the Magic!

Sales Automation

From qualified leads to qualified sales, Growspell Intelligence works with you collaboratively at each stage.

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There is a science behind every spell, Let's discover how effectively the Growspell will work for you!

Strategic Prospecting to identify, qualify, and prioritize sales opportunities

Filter on your target buyers using industry, location, size, position, function and many other filters. Give your sales and marketing teams the relevant data and close sales instantly.

  • 30+ Data points to make informed decisions
  • Data for companies and decision makers
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Reach and Attract your Potential Customers at Scale

Setup your campaign with a highly personalized Sequence that takes care of complete followup cycles and handles automated response without interrupting you at any point.

  • Mails delivered at right time based on prospect's current timezone
  • 99%+ mails directly lands into prospect's inbox
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Convert your Leads using Artificial Intelligence

Once a lead is qualified, you need to make smart decisions quickly to close the sales. Growspell gives you critical performance insights focused on sales closing in no time.

  • Focused Insights using advanced Machine Learning
  • Setup Meetings uaing AI Assistant
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Growspell brings Data, Marketing, Sales, and Growth together.

Prospects verified at real-time

Prospects are verified in real-time to control bounce rate at almost zero preventing your account from suspension.

Automated outreach & Followup

Once a campaign is set up, AI Assistant takes care of all automated outreach and follow up as per defined Sequence.

AI Recommendations at every stage

From lead qualification to sales, artificial intelligence is there to help you at every stage of your sales funnel .

Set Powerful Workflows

With Growspell you can define your custom workflows to enable automated actions whenever the conditions are matched.

Conversational AI

NLP Engine and advanced Machine Learning Models are there to capture the information and handle the conversation.

Integrate with your Existing System

Growspell gets integrated easily with your existing system keeping you connected with your favorite applications.

What Our Clients Said About Growspell

Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

Our Trusted Clients

Start working with Growspell that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect.

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